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Watch this Video of Amazing Drug Free, Non-Opioid, Non-Invasive Pain Treatment that Works Really Fast

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  • ADM Tronics, Unlimited (ADMT: OTCQB) has over 40 years of experience designing, building and taking medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices successfully through FDA clearance  and to market


  • ADMT has successfully developed and will soon be launching its’ very impressive Sonotron® pain management device for pets and horses that appears to be a breakthrough in pain treatment.  ADMT will also be seeking an FDA clearance  for human use 


  • ADMT owns several medical device products of which the Sonotron®  or any of the others could have a significant impact on share prices


  • Revenues for the three months ended September 30, 2022 were $1,140,268 as compared to $851,859 for the three months ended September 30, 2021, an increase of 34%


  • ADMT has just under 68 million shares outstanding and with a recent closing price of $.089, the market cap is $6,052,000

For over 40 years, ADM Tronics Unlimited, Inc. (ADMT: OTC), has been designing, engineering, and providing regulatory and manufacturing services for precision electronics with a particular expertise in electronic medical devices for therapeutics and diagnostics at its FDA-Registered medical device facility in Northvale, New Jersey USA.


Game-changing breakthrough in drug-free, non-invasive, non-opioid pain treatment

ADMT has successfully developed several medical devices and will soon be launching its game-changing Sonotron pain management device for pets and horses and will be seeking an FDA approval for human use next.  This video demonstration shows how truly effective the Sonotron pain treatment is and how quickly it works.  This remarkable video shows a racehorse that was suffering from noticeable pain and inflammation and after one 18 minute treatment with the Sonotron pain device, the horse appeared to be pain free and the inflammation was no longer perceptible.


The Sonotron shows promise of being a game changing breakthrough to treat pain with no drugs and no side effects.  The market for pain treatment for horses and dogs and pets is quite large, but the market for pain treatment for human patients is just under $80B and with results like the ones shown in the video, the Sonotron could become a very valuable asset of ADM Tronics and could have a substantial impact on ADMT share prices.


ADM Tronics Received First Place out of 6,416 contestants in the Category of Electronics at the 2021 Go Global Awards

In October, 2021 ADM Tronics was announced as First Place winner in the category of Electronics at the International Trade Council's Annual Go Global Awards Ceremony October 14, 2021.  “Winning this Award is no small feat” said Kristal Parcon, head of the Awards Committee.  “We received a total of 6,416 entries, coming from organizations in 178 countries.”

Receiving the award, Andre DiMino, President of ADMT, stated, “Thanks to the judges for the honor of selecting our company for the first-place award for electronics.  We are dedicated to developing and manufacturing our own proprietary medical devices and our customers’ electronic technologies, especially electronic medical devices.  Our team of dedicated employees strive to do our best to produce quality electronic technologies for all our customers and appreciate being recognized with this important award.”

“Winning an Award is no small feat. We received a total of 6,416 entries, coming from organizations in 178 countries. The breadth of award nominations was truly amazing,” said Kristal Parcon, head of the Awards Committee.  “We are humbled by organizations such as ADM Tronics who, in the face of a global pandemic, have displayed leadership, resilience and innovation, while embracing change and supporting their employees and communities in a way never seen before.”

Sonotron has completed evaluation and is now in the commercialization phase

ADM Tronics is currently developing numerous medical devices, but the Sonotron pain treatment device is now operational and in the queue for rapid commercialization.  In November of 2021, ADM tronics announced they had completed the evaluation stage and were entering the commercialization stage.  Here is that press release:


ADM Tronics Releases Pre-Production Evaluation Units of New Vet-Sonotron Therapy Device for Veterinary Market

November 01, 2021

Northvale, NJ, Nov. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- ADM Tronics Unlimited, Inc. (OTCQB - ADMT) has completed development of its new Vet-Sonotron® device and has released pre-production evaluation units for the animal therapy markets.

The Vet-Sonotron is a veterinary electronic therapy device for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and inflammation associated with degenerative conditions and trauma in small animals - dogs and cats - and large animals, primarily equine such as thoroughbred, standardbred, hunters and jumpers, dressage, etc.  The Vet-Sonotron employs pulsed radio frequency therapy (“PRFT”) to produce a discharge output.  The PRFT output is emitted through a hand-held applicator that is applied non-invasively in a circular motion over the treatment area.  Vet-Sonotron produces a microprocessor-controlled 15-second output of the PRFT discharge - termed a “Treatment Unit” or “TU”.  The number of TUs administered depends on the size and density of the treatment area with a typical treatment session lasting only minutes.  Depending on the severity of the condition treated, several treatment sessions are administered to achieve optimum results.

“This is an important milestone for our company,” stated Andre’ DiMino, President of ADM Tronics.  “Once this evaluation stage for the Vet-Sonotron is completed, we are anxious to begin commercialization of the Vet-Sonotron to the animal therapy markets.  We believe our PRFT technology can have a meaningful impact in treating many debilitating conditions in animals.”  In controlled studies the Vet-Sonotron PRFT therapy has resulted in reduced lameness, increased range of motion and other improvements in conditions and diseases in animals.

The Vet-Sonotron is one of a number of proprietary electronic therapy devices under development by ADMT.  In addition to development of its own proprietary technologies, ADMT provides design, engineering, regulatory and contract manufacturing services for medical and veterinary technologies to customers at its FDA-registered medical device manufacturing facility in Northvale, NJ.


The Sonotron is a non-invasive electrotherapy technology used to treat pain.  It uses a novel combination of long-wave RF energy pulsed at an audio frequency to produce a corona discharge output.  The first version of the Sonotron has been manufactured and distributed by ADMT in certain countries in Southeast Asia.  ADMT is in the process of re-engineering the Sonotron with state-of-the-art digital, wireless connectivity to allow for higher patient compliance, ease of professional use and cloud adaptability.  Once the new version of the Sonotron has been completed application to the FDA will be submitted for clearance to market in the US.  The Sonotron has significant potential for use in the treatment of joint pain, such as osteoarthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, TMJ and other painful conditions representing a multi-billion dollar market.

The Sonotron technology is for the treatment of pain related to musculoskeletal conditions.  The Vet-Sonotron is for treating those conditions in animals – such as horses and dogs.  ADM Tronics is developing the Sonotron for humans also and expects to be seeking FDA approval.

Here is a video of a race horse that had dramatic improvement after being treated with the Ve-Sonotron:

Here is a video of a dog that could not walk due to hip dysplasia, that began walking after being treated with the Vet-Sonotron:


ADM tronics is an established leader in electronic medical devices and also generates substantial income from fees for engineering products for other companies and for taking other third party products through the challenging FDA approval process.  With only 68 million shares outstanding and no debt, ADM Tronics appears to be positioned to enjoy dramatic growth in the near and long terms.  If the Sonotron continues to demonstrate this unmatched pain treatment, this could become an extremely valuable asset of ADM Tronics that could have a substantial impact on share prices.  Pain treatment is a very large market and to date, opioids have shown the most efficacy but their dangerous side effects are an insurmountable barrier to mass adoption.  Since the Sonotron is drug-free, non-opioid, non-invasive and highly effective, the future for ADMTronics has never been brighter.


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