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Game Changing Counterfeit Drug Solution Can Protect Big Pharma Customers . . . and Could Be Windfall to VRME Shareholders

  • VerifyMe has solved the problem. The consumer only needs to point their smartphone at a proprietary VerifyMe label and the link displayed will INSTANTLY report if the drug (or any product, document or ticket or ballot) is real or fake

  • VerifyMe Anti-Counterfeit technology is positioned for rapid uptake by Big Pharma and a broad spectrum of large industry users beyond the pharmaceutical industry

  • It is now easy for Big Pharma to stop the proliferation of counterfeit drugs with VerifyMe proprietary ink and QR Codes. The consumer will INSTANTLY know which is real or fake


  • VRME stands out as highly underfollowed and undervalued and is NASDAQ listed with only 7.3 million shares outstanding and $23.2 million market cap with year-end closing price of $3.175 per share

Counterfeit Drugs and Merchandise Are Out of Control

When you hear the term counterfeit goods most people think of fake Rolex watches and Gucci handbags. Knocked-off luxury goods get a lot of attention and generate healthy profits for counterfeiters, but there is also big money in counterfeiting pills. Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are a $200 billion yearly business, making them a very large segment of the trillion-dollar market in fraudulent goods sold worldwide every year.

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Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Is Big Business

Counterfeiting harms everything that carries a label and the need for fast and easy solutions is great. ReportLinker reports the global market for anti-counterfeit packaging is projected to grow from USD 117.2 billion in 2021 to reach USD 211.3 billion by 2026, at an estimated CAGR of 12.5%. 

While stringent monitoring for counterfeit prescription meds is actively underway, the United States is still nowhere near prepared. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, counterfeit pharmaceuticals account for more than 10% of all pharmaceuticals in the global supply chain and continue to rise and threaten trust in the sector and present serious health implications including death for unsuspecting consumers.

Traceability is the key to improving drug safety and consumer confidence. Although federal and state laws apply strict and coordinated restrictions on domestic supply, the continuing absence of full unit-level traceability handicaps consumer protection and threatens the intellectual property of manufacturers. The US Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), passed by Congress in 2015 is scheduled for full enforcement in 2023, but still lacks the ability to trace authenticity on demand when the consumer first puts the product in their hands.


This is where VerifyMe,Inc. (VRME: NASDAQ) has completely changed the game. VerifyMe’s QR Codes using proprietary visible and invisible inks, enable any consumer or brand inspector armed only with a smartphone to instantly determine authenticity. VerifyMe is strongly positioned for the coming DSCSA with authentication, serialization and track and trace technology.

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VerifyMe’s proprietary and novel anti-counterfeit packaging provides the consumer with instantaneous authentication using QR Codes. Until recently, QR Codes have been slow to adopt but Covid has catapulted adoption almost overnight. Both Apple and Android have enabled their smartphones to instantly recognize any QR Code by simply pointing the camera to the QR Code and then clicking on the link that appears. Now, with VerifyMe anti-counterfeit QR Codes, consumers and brand inspectors will be able to determine authenticity instantaneously.

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VerifyMe’s consumer engagement platform also enables clients to access valuable data from consumers including purchases and target market penetration by region. It provides new channels to message the consumer directly that never existed before.

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Six billion smartphone users are rapidly adopting the use of QR Codes which now greatly accelerates the adoption of the new VerifyMe anti-counterfeiting technology.

The recent VerifyMe Investor Day presentation provides detailed valuable information to interested potential investors.


Domino Effect

Once the first Big Pharma company recognizes the value and signs on for the VerifyMe anti-counterfeit technology, the others will be motivated to follow in order to maintain an image of safe practices. The first company has not signed on yet, but we feel that this could happen very soon as news of counterfeit drugs continues to plague consumers at an alarming rate.



The market need is so large that it is no surprise there are a sizable number of competitors. However, a deep dive into the competing systems reveals that the VerifyMe solutions are unrivaled in terms of implementation, speed, ease of use, and cost, and CRM marketing solutions.


The global anti-counterfeit packaging market is served by several companies such as Avery Dennison Corporation, CCL Industries Inc., 3M Company, DuPont, AlpVision S.A, Zebra Technologies Corporation, SICPA Holding SA, Applied DNA Sciences Inc., SAVI Technology, Inc., and Authentix, Inc.


A recent Seeking Alpha article said, “VerifyMe cited examples of competitors, Opsec Security and SICPA, both privately held companies. Amazon has also become a competitor with their new "Project Zero" brand protection system utilizing their "Transparency" serialization product. Amazon's product serialization service provides a unique code for every unit that is manufactured, and the brand puts these codes on its products as part of its manufacturing process, which Amazon scans and verifies. This differs from VerifyMe’s covert luminescent pigment which is incorporated in the labeling process and the invisible covert serialization and authentication solution. The solution from Amazon may be sufficient for some manufacturers, however, increasingly manufactures want to own their own data. And the Amazon offering does not provide a complete, dedicated platform including consumer engagement available from VerifyMe.”


Market Opportunity

“The addressable market for the VerifyMe is estimated at $105 billion. The revenue stream is diversified into four major product categories in authentication, serialization, consumer engagement, and label printing. If VerifyMe attains even a small share of the total addressable market, the company could experience extraordinary growth. With a product line that answers such a large unmet need, and with a qualified management and sales team, rapid growth is in the forecast. Just as impressive is the CAGR for each of the product categories ranging between 8.7% and 19%.”

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VerifyMe is exposed to the same wide range of risks as any small microcap company with limited history of successful operations. There is always the risk that the business may not develop as expected and that surprises are typically more the rule than not. The company does enjoy the advantage of mitigating one of the most common risk factors which is having adequate capital for operations and growth. It is essential that investors understand the risks associated with this and any investment. Accordingly, the risk factors for VerifyMe are detailed in the current Form 10K beginning on page 12.


Big Pharma is losing hundreds of billions each year in lost sales to counterfeit drugs and their customers need to be protected from counterfeits that could be harmful. VerifyMe is now offering a bulletproof and instantaneous way to stop counterfeits and the company is well positioned to benefit Big Pharma and their trusting customers with their novel and patented anti-counterfeiting solutions.


The trillion-dollar counterfeit products problem extends well beyond pharmaceuticals and includes any product with a label that consumers put on their body or in their body as well as name brand products, tickets, documents, art, and also the authenticity of political ballots which has been controversial and dominant in the news with little solution in sight.


VerifyMe solutions work well and are instantaneous for anything with a label that can be counterfeited.


With a platform that can be quickly deployed to facilitate both authentication and consumer engagement, the company is well positioned for growth that can be extraordinary. Timing is always an important consideration and it appears that VerifyMe is ready to begin delivering results in the very near term.


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